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The main thought of many of the press at this year's edition of ShoWest was how the event has gone downhill over the past few years as more and more studios have opted to not put on grand presentations. Although this was my first year covering the event, it was no less obvious to me that the luster had diminished somewhat, for what I had seen and experienced had not quite matched the visions fostered by years of looking at those star-studded ShoWest group photos published every year in Premiere magazine. Nonetheless, that fact didn't make the event any less fascinating.

Day 1: Monday, March 5
Checking In; Trade Show; ShoWest Showcase

Day 2: Tuesday, March 6
Opening Ceremony; MGM; Schmooze-a-Rama; Miramax

Day 3: Wednesday, March 7
Wednesday Luncheon; Pepsi Cocktail Reception; DreamWorks

Day 4: Thursday, March 8
Driven Brunch; Warner Bros. Luncheon; Buena Vista; Final Night Awards & Banquet

ShoWest 2001 Awards
ShoWest 2001 Movie Impressions

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Inside ShoWest 2001/© Michael Dequina
Presented by A-Frame Studios

Fifty Filmmakers

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