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2001 Awards


The National Association of Theatre Owners paid tribute to the talent responsible for the product they exhibit with their traditional final night awards ceremony and banquet, held on Thursday, March 8. Earning top honors on the acting end were Male Star of the Year Russell Crowe and Female Star of the Year Sandra Bullock, whose Gladiator and Miss Congeniality, respectively, were among the highest box office grossers of the year 2000. Although the returns for their 2000 efforts were considerably smaller the Supporting Actor and Actress of the Year honors went to Pay It Forward's Haley Joel Osment and Chocolat's Judi Dench, respectively, and the title of Comedy Star of the Year went to Nurse Betty co-star Chris Rock. Shannon Elizabeth, who appeared in 2000's out-of-nowhere smash Scary Movie, was named Female Star of Tomorrow; earning the title for the men was The Patriot co-star Heath Ledger. Nicolas Cage was given ShoWest's first-ever Distinguished Decade of Achievement in Film award.

Behind the scenes talent were also recognized. Wolfgang Petersen, director of the summer blockbuster The Perfect Storm, was ShoWest's Director of the Year. Another film featuring a big storm, Cast Away, was also recognized as that film's writer, William Broyles Jr., was named Screenwriter of the Year. Producer of the Year honors went to the longtime producing team of David Brown and Richard D. Zanuck, who in recent years have made several high-profile solo projects. Warner Bros. Executive Vice President, Creative Advertising, Joel Wayne, garnered the trophy for Achievement in Motion Picture Advertising.

Earlier in the week, on Monday, March 5, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon duo of director Ang Lee and star Michelle Yeoh were feted at the annual International Day Luncheon. Lee was on hand to pick up the prize for International Achievement in Filmmaking, and Yeoh accepted the award for International Star of the Year.

The full honoree list:

  • Male Star of the Year: Russell Crowe
  • Female Star of the Year: Sandra Bullock
  • Director of the Year: Wolfgang Petersen
  • Supporting Actor of the Year: Haley Joel Osment
  • Supporting Actress of the Year: Judi Dench
  • Male Star of Tomorrow: Heath Ledger
  • Female Star of Tomorrow: Shannon Elizabeth
  • Comedy Star of the Year: Chris Rock
  • Distinguished Decade of Achievement: Nicolas Cage
  • Director of the Year: Wolfgang Petersen
  • Producer of the Year: David Brown
  • Screenwriter of the Year: William Broyles Jr.
  • International Star of the Year: Michelle Yeoh
  • International Achievement in Filmmaking: Ang Lee


Noteworthy individuals and teams in the exhibition industry were also given a variety of honors during events throughout the week.

  • ShoWesters of the Year (honoring achievement in domestic exhibition)
    Raymond W. Syufy, CEO, Century Theatres
    Joseph Syufy, President, Century Theatres
  • International Exhibitor of the Year
    Cinemex -- Matthew Heyman, Miguel Angel Davila, Adolfo Fastlicht
  • Bert Nathan Memorial Award (presented by the National Association of Concessionaires)
    Maria Angles, Vice President of Concessions, Cinemark International
  • Ken Mason Intersociety Award (presented by the Inter-Society for the Enhancement of Theatrical Presentation)
    Burton "Bud" Stone
Hollywood Reporter Showmanship Awards (honoring film promotion)

  • Best Use of Stunts
    Salvatore Ruggiero, Famous Players Silver City North York at Empress Walk (Toronto, Canada), for Paramount's Mission: Impossible II
  • Best In-Theatre Display
    Roger Morneault, Regal Bell Tower 20 Cinemas (Fort Myers, FL), for Paramount's Mission: Impossible II
  • Best Presentation Book
    Jennifer Plowman Bell & Lindsey Hearn, Cinemark Hollywood USA (College Station, TX), for Columbia's Stuart Little
  • Best Use of Media
    Daniel Lundquist, AMC Oak View 24 (Omaha, NE), for DreamWorks' The Road to El Dorado
  • Best Community Outreach
    Daniel Lundquist, Douglas Q Cinema 9 (Omaha, NE), for DreamWorks' Chicken Run Stephanie Nessman, Cinemark Tinseltown (Corpus Christi, TX), for DreamWorks' The Road to El Dorado
  • Best Cross Promotion
    Tiffany Brown & Christie Merrifield, Cinemark Hollywood USA (College Station, TX), for DreamWorks' The Road to El Dorado
  • Most Creative
    Tiffany Brown & Christie Merrifield, Cinemark Hollywood USA (College Station, TX), for DreamWorks' The Road to El Dorado
  • Best Overall Showmanship
    Tiffany Brown & Christie Merrifield, Cinemark Hollywood USA (College Station, TX), for DreamWorks' The Road to El Dorado

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