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This Christmas
On the Set with Lauren London
January 18, 2007

Lauren London as Melanie Whitfield in This Christmas
Lauren London as Melanie "Mel" Whitfield
(photo by Suzanne Tenner)

...spoilers ahead...

MD = Michael Dequina; LL = Lauren London

MD: So you play the baby daughter?

LL: Yes, I'm the baby girl. Her name is Melanie; we call her Mel. She's a college student who brings home her boyfriend from Atlanta to Los Angeles to meet her mother. She's kind of up in the air on what she wants to do.

MD: So she goes to college in Atlanta.

LL: She goes to Spelman. I play another college student. [laughs] I'm the baby sister, and out of the conflict of the family, there's always one that's like "Calm down everybody!" girl--she's that girl. [laughs] She's kind of up in the air, though; she doesn't really know what she wants to do.

MD: Like any college student, right?

LL: Exactly.

MD: In what year of college is she in; does it say in the script?

LL: She's been in college for, like, five years. [laughs]

MD: Oh, so one of those. [laughs]

LL: I'm going for my bachelor's, my master's, and picking all kinds of majors. [laughs] She's had a lot of majors.

MD: What attracted you to this project? How did this come about?

LL: I got the script, and it was really true to heart--a dysfunctional family dealing with the love and pain.

MD: Can you relate to this as far as having a large family and having these types of get-togethers?

LL: I am an only child, but I have a huge family, so I know about dysfunctional families--uncles and cousins acting up, but at the end of the day we all love each other.

MD: So not so much the immediate family as in the movie, but every family has that craziness that the holidays brings out.

LL: Oh my gosh, yes. [laughs] Don't we all know about that. [laughs]

MD: Did you and Regina and Sharon hang out a bit to get the sisterly rapport going?

LL: It's kind of coming naturally. We had met at the table read. I always feel like the little sister; we hang out a lot on set. I knew Columbus [Short] before; I knew Chris [Brown] before.

MD: How do you enjoy working with Keith Robinson, who plays your boyfriend?

LL: He's hilarious. [laughs] Keith is an amazing actor. Talented guy. He's definitely going to get what he deserves.

MD: He's paid his dues. You've also been working a while, but this level has come pretty quickly for you.

LL: It did not come pretty quickly for me. My story's just been untold. [laughs] I was first doing anything from music videos to commercials. The music video thing was just for me to learn what a set was, make some quick money. It was easy, and I never had to do anything to disrespect myself. They were nice videos, and I worked with really good directors--Paul Hunter, Diane Martel.

MD: Music videos kind of get a bad rap when they're such a learning ground for everybody, from crews to actors.

LL: Exactly. And they're long hours.

MD: So you'll be in the club scene later on?

LL: I was on a little earlier, but I have a fight to break up in maybe about an hour, with my brother Columbus. [laughs] And we walk out with him. It's been fun; the cast is amazing--we've really been blessed with this cast.

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