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Special Thanks

Early the morning of May 24, 2004, my mother passed away from complications stemming from an aortic aneurysm at the age of 63.

The outpouring of support, whether through financial, floral, or simply emotional means, has been enormously appreciated, and it will continue to be as we embark on the most difficult, ongoing part of the process (and I'm not just talking about stretching our pennies to pay for all the expenses for the services and such without the support of insurance benefits)--reassembling our lives in her absence.

The family would like to extend extra special thanks to the following individuals for their kind and generous words and gestures of support.

Ben Affleck
Jojo Aguilar
Ross Anthony
John Arfwedson
Nate Atcheson
Roger Avary
Sean Bailey
Vern Ballard
Lynn Barker
Charles Bender
Lawrence Bender
Dain Blanton
Ato Boldon
Erika Bolin
Mike Breiburg
Craig Brewer
Kenneth Brown
Patrick Browne
Dave Burns
Sean Campbell
Chay Carter
Jamaica Carter
Bill Chambers
Cindy Chan
James Chen
Jeffrey Chen
Ming Chen
Erik Childress
Maya Chinchilla
David Chute
Sarah Clayborne
Earl Cole
Jill Cozzi
Anthony Criss
Carol Cundiff
Kris Curry
Jim Dinquel
Kevin Dobies
Derek Doran-Wood
Derrick Dunn
Elizabeth Evans
Jon Favreau
Rich Fox
Bryant Frazer
Jason Freitas
Merrill Garcia
Willie Gault
Carmen George
Lou George
Paul Anthony George
Todd Gilchrist
Helena Girod
Russell Girod
Keith Gordon
Chris Gore
Akiva Gottlieb
Blaine Greenfield
Anna Gutierrez
Phil Hall
Gary Hardwick
Rob Hardy
Abby Harris
Brenda Harrison
Forrest Hartman
Reagan Hartman
Darrin Henson
Taraji Henson
Jeff Huston
Dan Jardine
MaryAnn Johanson
Troy Johnson
Jacqueline Johnston
Linda Kaye
Jamie Kennedy
Karch Kiraly
Blake Kunisch
Kevin Laforest
Cynthia Lumaban
Dan Lybarger
Brian Lynch
Michelle Mandel
Carl Martin
Adam Mast
Peter Mclachlan
Sumir Meghani
Ross Melnick
Sharrief Metoyer
Chris Moore
Neal Moritz
Marvin Neil
Ben Nieporent
John Ottman
Jeff Otto
Chris Oxley
Tyree Pace
Will Packer
Alexander Payne
Vincent Pereira
Brad Plevyak
Michael Polish
Zach Ralston
Mark Ramsey
Andrew Rausch
Mary Rausch
Jimmy Ray
Shameka Ray
Scott Renshaw
Elma Reyes
Teddy Riley
Robert Rodriguez
Chris Ryall
Roberto Sanchez
Shaun Sanghani
Chris Schreiner
Gabriel Shanks
Tina Shioji
Brent Simon
Danny Singleton
John Singleton
Kathy Sledge
Kevin Smith
Gregory Solman
Monikka Stallworth
Gordon Strause
Herb Teal
Antony Teofilo
Fred Topel
Joe Torry
Betty Jo Tucker
Rob Vaux
Shelia Ward
Scott Weinberg
Brian White
Mike White
Kale Whorton
Dwight Williams
Marvin Young
Tom Zerkowski

--Michael Dequina

(page created May 31, 2004)

Special Thanks/© Michael Dequina
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