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The Movie Report Movie Poop Shoot

Day 1: Monday, March 3
Checking In; IMAX; International Day Luncheon;
International Distribution and Marketing Presentations; ShoWest Showcase

Day 2: Tuesday, March 4
Opening Ceremony; Fox Searchlight; Trade Show; DLP/Opening Night Dinner; Disney/Pixar

Day 3: Wednesday, March 5
The Hollywood Reporter Showmanship Awards; Schmooze-a-Rama; Seminars;
Sony Pictures/Revolution Studios; Miramax

Day 4: Thursday, March 6
Universal Pictures; Warner Bros. Pictures;
ShoWest Awards Press Conference; Final Night Awards & Banquet

ShoWest 2003 Awards
ShoWest 2003 Movie Impressions

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Inside ShoWest 2003/© Michael Dequina
All images and multimedia files are copyright their respective copyright holders and no rights are given or implied
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Fifty Filmmakers

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