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When New York’s hottest nightclub deejay Darrell (Usher) saves a mob boss's life (Chazz Palminteri), he is rewarded for his bravery with the responsibility of watching over the don's beautiful daughter Dolly (Emmanuelle Chriqui). The sparks soon begin to fly between this attractive couple from very different worlds, against her formidable father’s wishes. Meanwhile, the don has other things on his mind—quashing a potential war with an arch-rival and controlling a young, ruthless challenger to his throne. In the end, all's fair in love and gangster warfare in this hip, romantic comedy, In the Mix.

The film was directed by Ron Underwood with the screenplay by Jacqueline Zambrano, and story by Chanel Capra and Cara Dellaverson & Brian Rubenstein. In the Mix was produced by John Dellaverson, executive produced by Usher, Holly Davis-Carter, Bill Borden, Michael Paseornek and co-produced by Chanel Capra.

(synopsis from Lions Gate Films)

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